Developing a Fusion Power Plant based on recent breakthroughs in Laser and Target Technology

Building and operating commercially viable fusion power plants in the GW range

Developing and commercialize Laser Driven Radiation Sources  for a new Level of non-destructive, and high-resolution testing of large and complex objects

Founding Team

Chief Technology Officer

Prof. Dr. Todd Ditmire

• Professor UT Austin, TX

• Founder of National Energetics

• More than 20 years in high-power lasers

• Developed 10 PW lasers for ELI

• APS Fellow (top 1 % scientist)

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Forner

• More than 20 years of experience as


• Expertise in development and

management of global high-tech companies

Chief Science Officer
Prof. Dr. Markus Roth

• Professor TU Darmstadt, GER
• Founder of IC for nuclear Photonics

• More than 20 years in fusion research
• Inventor of Proton Fast Ignition
• APS Fellow (top 1 % scientist)

Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Anika Stein

• More than 6 years engineering experience

• Management experience in

complex international projects of more than $300M